MMDM encompasses your ethos of putting yourself out there through the serendipitous acts of both making and doing. MMDM empowers you to put aside your excuses, your worries, and put forth the effort to do your best no matter what it is you make or do.

MMDM is in all of us: the artists, the athletes, the chefs, the designers, the bartenders, the adventurers, and the ‘make & do whatever you want to’ makers & doers. MMDM is an overflowing well-spring of passion, the igniting spark to produce, learn, explore, and adventure more. MMDM is for everyone.

MMDM will be your flag to take up, to show the world that you are not satisfied by remaining  stagnant in a world that promotes constant consumerism.

In the near future, MMDM will begin to showcase the makers & doers of the world, across all fields & professions — showcasing individuals at the peak of their talent & craft. It will be a point of access to their knowledge, their insights, and their achievements. It will be something that will not only educate, but inspire as well.

MMDM will also start rolling out collaborations that will result in an online gallery & store featuring clothing, tools, and artwork for sale. Not just items to inspire, but also to help you accomplish all of your endeavors.

So, let’s grow MMDM. Email us the people that inspire you and email us your work. Tag their & your digitally presented work or adventures with #mmdm that’s on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine . By doing this, you will not only discover whole new worlds of inspiration for yourself, but you’ll be creating a network of inspiration for others all around the world.

Go find what you’re looking for, the sooner the better. Make more. Do more.

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